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Want a thriving business? Remove your limiting beliefs in selling

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Unlock the potential of your business by eliminating limiting beliefs in selling. Learn how to overcome common sales obstacles and achieve success.

Remove your limiting beliefs in selling

A winning sales mindset is a must to be successful in your business. Sales is a mind game first and then a skill game. A limiting belief system originates through your mind and reinforced by situational experiences. They could sabotage your business growth and pull you away from some key sales activities. These could be not handling customer objections or avoiding sales conversations.

Let’s see which are these possible limiting beliefs in sales and what you can do to replace them

A high price would scare away my client

Blair Enns, sales coach for creative entrepreneurs while giving some best pricing strategies suggests ‘You should always anchor high when negotiating price. Quote the highest service you can deliver and then start working backwards to arrive at what is acceptable for the client. This usually is the mid-segment in your services. Whatever it is, never sell yourself short.’

Believe, there are clients who are willing to pay you for the value you provide and they will come to you.

I cannot sell to the C-suites

It’s often said change begins at the top. So if you are having a service or product which is solving a big problem, then you have to talk to the person who is feeling the most pain. This person more than often is the top management or CEO. When you start approaching them with the intent of ‘helping’ rather than ‘selling’ you will come across as much more convincing and authentic.

Believe, I am here to help and solve problems

I am not an extrovert

Do you still think we are in an age where people will spare time to hear your gibber? Definitely not. All that people care about is themselves. If you are lending them a listening ear, they will know you will take care of their problems. In sales it’s no more important how much talking you are doing, it’s more important than how many quality questions you are asking.

Believe, I am empathetic, I ask good questions, I am a good listener.

Follow-ups might irritate the customer

It has proven by research that while 48% of the salespeople never follow-up with a prospect, 80% of the sales happen in the eighth contact. This is the power of follow-ups. So it is imperative that you do have a follow-up strategy for your prospects and referrals. Look at follow-ups as a way to engage meaningfully with the prospect. Make it not about yourself, but about the person’s need. Value his/her time for reading this email, thank the person for it, send love and make insightful content an integral part of the message.

Believe, creating value is my second nature. I do it with every follow-up contact.

It will seem very desperate if I ask for referrals

Ideally, if you have delivered well to your client, they will automatically refer you. But if not, just asking them ‘Do you know anyone who might fight our service useful’, is not out of place. Why, because they themselves have been waiting to do that but of course they are busy people so just couldn’t focus on this. Now that you ask, they will be more than happy do it for you.

Believe, I have served my customer well. It’s only right to benefit more people with my work.

Selling is a human science. The guru of sales  Brian Tracy says ‘Keep yourself positive, cheerful and goal-oriented. Sales success is 80% attitude and 20% aptitude. Changing your mindset isn’t easy. Once you’ve gotten past these mental roadblocks, you’ll likely see a noticeable difference in your results.

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