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The Exquisite Experience of being a TEDx Speaker

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Discover the extraordinary experience of a Business Management Consultant turned TEDx speaker. Unveiling the power of impactful talks and personal stories.

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I do not recall the first time when I saw a TEDx speech but I do remember the feeling it used to stir up inside whenever I saw one on Youtube or attended one in my locality. It was a feeling of immense respect for the stage and more so for the people who have done something so unique and substantial that it has brought them to this stage. It is about their talk and mission being so impactful and powerful that it can shift the way one thinks. 

Personally, I have at many instances been greatly influenced by some of the TED talks. Like Jia Jiang’s talk of ‘100 days of rejection’ which taught me how to face rejection because being a sales professional who also teaches women #AuthenticSelling, overcoming your fear of rejection is one of the prime requirements for anyone into selling. Infact I started seeing the web series Scandal only because I fell so much in love with Shonda Rhimes after seeing her TED talk of ‘My year of saying yes’ in which she talks about the hum that drives her, that drives all of us. 

So when a TED talk with ‘x’…..TEDx came by my destiny, I surely found myself on cloud nine! All my days which were full of hard work, determination, resilience sometime failures and small success and mostly about pulling myself each day to continue on the journey of entrepreneurship flashed in front of my eyes as now was the time it had all made sense and was after all worth it! 

my image in tedx

I received an invitation from SJECollege Bangalore who were hosting their first ever TEDx on the theme ‘Roots’. This was a perfect theme for me to share through my personal story the importance of entrepreneurship for women and inviting men to be a believer in gender equality. I titled my talk ‘Rooting for women changemakers in every home’ because I believe that each woman can be that if she chooses to be, a changemaker. 

On the D day, as I reached the venue, it was like living one of my biggest dreams. It was also very inspiring to hear the talks of fellow speakers who are working tirelessly towards fulfilling their mission. There was a modern day farmer, teacher and waste-recycler who were all very young but their work will have profound positive impact on the future. The organizing team were a bunch of dedicated people who were managing the entire event flawlessly and it was heartening to see such diligence in the youngsters. 

me Arvind Narayan and Sarvesh Kakkeri

(On the left: Arvind Narayan who is finding new ways of agriculture. On the right: Sarvesh Kakkeri a young multipreneur who is into digital trainings) 

The wonderful volunteers and organizer Akhil on right

(The wonderful volunteers and organizer Akhil on right)

As I delivered the talk, I could feel the energy and agreement the audience was having with my story. I was immensely happy to see that some of the girls who came up to me after the talk found encouragement to keep moving forward with their dreams. I realized that delivering the TEDx talk is not the end but the beginning of my message and voice reaching many more with the intention that it will give positivity and courage to more women and men. 

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