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Sales Disruption in Social Distancing

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Discover how businesses can navigate the sales disruption caused by social distancing. Learn strategies for virtual selling and maximizing technology.

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Traditionally the majority of businesses rely on person-to-person connection for growth. A lot of us count referrals and word-of-mouth as the prime source of acquiring new business. Sellers prefer to go by the conventional wisdom ‘No one buys million dollar solutions over a phone’. Thus they tirelessly strive for in-person meetings. But in the current situation of Social Distancing, this maxim does not hold up. What happens when in-person meetings aren’t possible?

With field teams being grounded and business trips being cancelled it has become a vulnerable time for organizations and startups alike to meet their revenue targets. Switching to virtual selling might not be easy for all but it is an immediate option we need to look at. Let’s see how:


Bring perspectives to customer:

The sentiment of prospects and customers at the moment might not be of buying. Yet this shouldn’t deter you from the opportunity of creating value for them. They still have the time and willingness to learn new solutions and explore insights that were not a point of focus previously. Do not discuss proposals but educate them with novel perspectives, insights and expertise. Think about how you can help them and not sell to them. Before setting up your virtual call, the business reasons should be explicitly be mentioned so that they are clear about ‘What they are going to learn’


Add a layer of empathy:

Virtual meetings can be a great way for you to show your sales content and collaterals. The setting is more relaxed to have guided conversations which gives more room for solving buyer queries, placing yourself as the thought leader and building resonance in a manner which was not possible with in-person meetings. This is a good time for you to create a new content strategy and layer your existing sales communication with empathy.


Build new networks:

Business community thrives on the power of networking. It is equally important now to build virtual networks as well where you can initiate conversations that can grow into sales opportunities in the future. This calls for effective use of digital platforms, profile building and increasing your social media presence. Social selling is the new normal and the faster sales professionals and entrepreneurs take to it, the better it will be for sustainable business growth.


Rethink the way you sell:

You probably would be having more time in hand with travel being cancelled. Utilize this time to rethink your sales process and method of approaching the prospects. With the current global crisis, customers and prospects are pivoting or changing their business models. Soon the way they buy and what they buy will also change. And that’s why the way sellers and businesses sell should also change. Think over what frameworks, structures and processes you need to follow for better win rates and revenue attainment.


Maximize available technologies:

People who love selling or run businesses understand that selling is a lot about human connections and relationships. Hence they do not prioritize adoption of technology or at least don’t leverage fully the tools available. Simple stuff like recording conference calls, learning video demonstrations or using lead management tools should be taken up by sellers as a new found habit.

Regardless of the setting, selling at the heart of it remains the act of acquiring, growing and retaining business relationships. It is about meeting customer expectations more so in defining moments like these which give you the opportunity to strengthen your ties and gain loyalty. And it certainly is possible in a virtual ecosystem as well. You just need to revisit your sales strategy, system and skills in order to gain customer preference even in these challenging times.

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