What I do


One-to-one business growth consultation for women founders at the strategic and execution level. Leverage my expertise and network of over ten years to accelerate sales and revenue


Inspiring stories of resilience, growth and entrepreneurial life. I speak at women-focused events on entrepreneurship, startups and developing a sales mindset that is unique to women 


Digital workshops and webinars that focus on the sales process, techniques and methodologies. These engaging sessions help solopreneurs be more effective and efficient at selling


Sales Strategist and Consultant

With a rich experience in the startup ecosystem, a knack of entrepreneurship and a passion for sustainability, I help women entrepreneurs achieve their version of success in their business. I work with fempreneurs to help them navigate through business challenges, build robust sales plan and enhance revenue generation. Whether you have recently launched your business or are thinking of taking it to the next level, I am your Business Growth Catalyst to assist you with my tools, expertise, and resources.

You are an expert in your business and love it so much. So do not let your sales fears stop you from setting high goals. As a growth catalyst, I work with you unlock your true potential and press for your progress in this highly competitive ecosystem. My goal is to make selling easier for women business owners. So if you are having any of the following issues, we should get talking:

  • Looking to expand your business
  • Establishing new business verticals
  • Having less time for business development
  • Are constrained on resources
  • Not finding the ideal customers
  • Wanting to have a result-oriented growth strategy
  • Encountering internal barriers towards sales




Sector 15 Part-2
Gurgaon, Haryana
122001, India

Phone: +91 9899-040-245


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