Strategic Intensive

Instant removal of your immediate roadblock
Who this is for

We are in a highly dynamic and evolving market where we cannot lose time on mistakes and setbacks. Whether your business is taking its baby steps,rapidly growing, plateaued, or competing in a difficult market, working with an experienced business consultant might be exactly what you need.

You are looking for a solution which is specific to your business and challenges and not a generic ‘How to guide’. A personalized advice which understands your goals, mission and business needs. This Strategic Intensive is meant to be exactly that.

How it will help your business

You can leverage my experience and specialized skills through this consulting session that will help your business get rid of any roadblock by having a laser focussed strategic solution.

With this strategy session you can choose to resolve the following
  • Seek expert advice when you need it the most
  • Gain clarity over what next you should be doing in your business
  • Tackle the top most growth challenge
  • Get direction as to where you need to be steering your business
  • What needs to be improved in your product/service offering so that more market demand is created for it
The Process

As you purchase the Strategic Intensive, we follow the below steps:

  • First email: you fill up a form to share some basic details about your business
  • Second email: book a convenient call slot for the session with me
  • We have a 90 min Zoom call at your chosen time
  • Third email a Mind Map that will have outcomes of our call and your action plan


Engagement plans available :

  • 1 session. 1 month
  • 4 sessions, 3 months
  • 8 sessions, 6 months

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