Scaling Success Schema

3-month program that prepares you for sales breakthrough
Who is this for

As a purposeful entrepreneur, you are driven by the impact your business is set to create. At the core of yourself and your business lies the passion with which you are solving problems for the customer, market and society at large. It is most likely that the word ‘sales’ puts you at the discomfort and you find yourself in misalignment with.

However you do know that to actualize your business vision, you need a consistent flow of revenue as a resource. Thus there is no shying away from sales. So why not embrace it and look at how you can get awesome at selling without feeling salesy! 

How this will help your business

Traditional sales techniques have always been very masculine and aggressive. As businesses and buyers take a new garb, there is a need to look at sales in a new light. Today, it is as much of a mind game as it is a mix of skills and system.

The Scaling Success Schema works upon your mindset to help you shed your limiting beliefs around sales and give solutions that you can put in action easily. 

You love your product, purpose, and offering. After this program, you will be able to make your prospects also fall in love with it making them buy from you instantly

The benefits of this program are: 

  • Get comfortable with the idea of selling
  • Start having empowered sales conversations
  • Improve your sales performance
  • Acquire more customers
Expected Outcome

An investment in yourself that assures 40% increase in your sales performance.

A shift in mindset helps you look at sales activities differently thus pushing you to inculcate sales activities in your daily work routine

Develop the mental resilience and diligence to keep moving ahead

As you start loving sales, you see positive growth in your business to double it quickly

What you get in this

The Scaling Success Schema is a 3-month immersive program which empowers the solopreneur, that is you, with the right tools, skills and mindset to be awesome at selling. The uniqueness of the program lies in the fact that it is customized to your style and personality.

In this program you get:

  • Initial assessment of your selling style
  • 1 discovery call to unearth the sales challenges
  • 3 monthly 1:1 consultation calls 
  • Learn the art of asking the right questions
  • Know the trick to get into the mind of your prospect
  • 3 negotiation techniques that can help you win deals
  • 6 closing techniques that you can use every time
  • 2 mock-sales meetings to help you practice empowered sales conversations

Once you purchase the package following are the steps:

  • You receive an introduction form where you tell some basic things about your business
  • Thereafter the discovery session is scheduled 
  • The monthly sessions are scheduled
  • Sessions will be conducted through Skype/Zoom conference
  • At the end of the program we celebrate the awesome saleswoman, that is You!

The program has been designed after extensive survey with fellow women entrepreneurs. To know the investment cost and program related queries book a Doubt Clearance call with me



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