Sales Success Toolkit

To bring effectiveness and efficiency in your sales activities
Who is this for

You are the fiery woman entrepreneur who is committed to writing the success story of her business and believes in getting the work done. You know that increasing the bottom line, is not a days job but it surely can be accelerated by the right strategy, tools, and implementation. Let me put across a few questions.

  • You not getting the desired results from your sales activities
  • Do you have a low lead to customer conversion ration
  • Are you getting stressed out with respect to sales efforts


If you answered affirmatively to all the above, the perfect business solution for you right now is the Scaling Success Schema.

How this will help your business

Being efficient is the key to success in sales. As a busy business owner, you need to have a system and process that brings in efficiency and discipline in your sales activities. Sales tool kit is a proven formula to increase deal conversion rate. However, you are unique and so is your business. Thus you need solutions and strategic interventions that are specific to your business. For those reasons, this SALES TOOLKIT is custom made to align with your specific business needs.

The benefits of taking this sales accelerating solution are: 

  • Business mapping: it understands your business terminology and buyer persona
  • Customization: tailored to your business communication and messaging in the product
  • Sales enablement: empowers you with digital products that help you sell faster and better 
Expected Outcome

Your work gets easier because now you have an optimized process for it. 

Create a repeatable system for yourself to convert lead to prospect, prospect to customer.

This toolkit will reduce your time spent in daily sales activities, increase the attention you get from your prospect, and close more deals.

With this small investment in building your sales process, you can grow your business 5x.

If you plan to onboard a sales person, this is a ready bundle to help her get started with selling.

What you get

The custom designed package includes: 

  • 1 discovery session over a video call
  • Sales funnel for your business
  • Pipeline management system
  • Prospecting email sequence
  • Followup email sequence
  • 4 Calling scripts
  • 3 Proposal templates
  • Need identification questionnaire
  • Objection handling template


  • Bonus 1: One coaching call to show you how you can leverage your selling style to sell more
  • Bonus 2: Know what marketing collaterals can help you gain trust from your prospect  


Note: These digital products and templates are copyrighted and meant for your personal use. Any reproduction, public sharing or misuse is prohibited.


Once you purchase the package following are the steps:

  • You receive an introduction form where you tell some basic things about your business
  • Thereafter the discovery session is scheduled where we go deep into understanding the business, branding and its communication
  • You will be contacted if further data is required 
  • Custom designing for your sales kit is initiated
  • A day is scheduled for the coaching call on  Skype/Zoom 
  • Your toolkit is sent over email to you in 20 days

The package has been designed to fulfill your business need. To know the investment cost and package related queries book a Doubt Clearance call with me



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